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Is It Worth Paying for Your Broadband Contract in Advance?

Household budgets can be tricky to manage – especially in the uncertain times we find ourselves in. Many of us are having to rethink how we pay for our utilities – and internet usage is no different.  

Luckily, there are different ways to pay for broadband. Many providers offer what’s called ‘line rental saver.’ Basically, you pay for 12 months of line rental upfront when you sign up which notably reduces your monthly bills.  

Better still, a small number of providers even let you pay for a whole year of broadband in one go, including line rental, inclusive calls and broadband. 

Is it worth paying your broadband contract upfront? Let’s look at all the pros and cons. 

The pros  

Households could save a pretty penny if they pay for their broadband upfront.

So, the obvious benefit to paying your broadband upfront is that you’ll reduce your monthly household expenses – and the money you save could come in handy! 

Providers usually offer a discount. BT, for example, gives you one month of free line rental when you pay upfront using your debit or credit card.  

You also won’t have to pay any line rental price increases. However, there is a catch. Just because you pay for line rental, it doesn’t mean that you won’t have to pay any broadband or TV price increases. Which leads us onto the cons... 

The cons 

Paying for broadband upfront doesn’t cover any additional call plans, inclusive calls, features or charges. Your line rental’s paid, but that’s all. When you sit down and do your sums, how much will you really be saving?  

There’s also the problem that the payment is non-refundable. So, let’s say that you pay for 18 months of broadband upfront, at a conservative estimate of £26.99 a month... that'll cost you £485.82 in total. Who really has hundreds of pounds to spare? 

What if you switch providers or move to a new house? If you’ve paid for broadband upfront, you might as well have poured the better part of £500, or whatever you’ve already paid, down the drain.  

Advice for anyone considering paying for your broadband upfront 

Before you decide to whip out your debit or credit card and shell out a pretty penny for broadband upfront, there’s something important you need to know. Line rental saving offers are for 12 months. But broadband deals can be for 18 or 24 months.  

Check the contract length of your broadband deal and work out if you can afford to pay the entire amount in one go.

What does this mean? You could end up getting a nasty shock when you see the cost of your broadband skyrocket before your contract ends. You’ll still make a saving, but not for the entire length of your contract. 

You can renew the line rental saver deal at the end of the year, but unless you’re sure that you want to stick to the deal, we wouldn’t recommend that you rush to sign up year on year. Why? Broadband prices always go up when your contract ends, so having the freedom to shop around for the best deal is something that everyone should have.  

A better option is to see if you can get broadband and line rental on a 12-month contract. If not, it may be time to find a different provider. 

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